Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Grand central and Voip phones are the wave of the future

Scratch out Skype.
I signed up for that allegedly glorious unlimited year for 29.95... It ended up being 34 dollars with an exchange rate they don't announce until after you've entered the purchasing stage/pages.
In addition I purchased a Skype in number... A mistake. My paypal was refunded for the Skype-in though I didn't request it and my unlimited plan was cancelled with no refund. <---WTF?

Customer support?


In 72 hours I may find out what's wrong [this includes the possibility that they may have cashed in on their ability to revoke the offer at will---read the fine print] but from their customer service description it could take longer.
I'm requesting a credit all the way around so I can uninstall Skype and move on.
They're horrible.

The new wave?

GrandCentral.com offers a free phone number that can route to all your other phone numbers. This includes your VOIP sip number (ie. gizmoproject.com)used in free pc to pc calling.
Not bad... If I am interpreting this correctly, that means free incoming calls. Can't complain about that...

Another possible contender that has some sound quality kinks to work out?


I'm glad we're getting away from companies like yahoo, at and t, verizon and others who has banded together to try to take away internet freedom, lost customer data, installed malware on user pc's that use customer bandwidth without permission and etc...
They are losing because we're waking up, and technology is creating avenues for free energy and communication. Let's follow that wave and let the greedmongers fade away without our lifeforce to prey on...

[Happy birthday to me... ^_^]

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